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Faculty II - Mathematics and Natural SciencesMyfanwy Evans and Günter M. Ziegler receive “Wissenschaftspreis”

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Myfanwy Evans and Günter M. Ziegler receive “Wissenschaftspreis”


On 7th November 2017, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, presented this year’s “Wissenschaftspreise”. Myfanwy Evans received the award for young researchers (“Nachwuchspreis”) for her innovative research at the boundary of geometry, topology and soft matter physics. Myfanwy Evans is the leader of an Emmy Noether Research Group at the Institute of Mathematics at Faculty II. The “Nachwuchspreis” of the Governing Mayor of Berlin recognizes the work of young researchers contributing to a field of particular importance to Berlin’s economic and scientific future.

Günter M. Ziegler from the Institute of Mathematics at FU Berlin was honoured with the “Wissenschaftspreis” of the Governing Mayor. Günter M. Ziegler is also a Honorary Professor at Faculty II and long-standing member of the MATHEON.




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