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Honorary doctorate for Eckehard Schöll

(from left to right) Anischenko, Schöll, Fedusenko, Koronovski, Aninkin

Saratov State University (SSU) awarded Prof. Eckehard Schöll from the Institute for Theoretical Physics an honorary doctorate on 16th May 2017!

With the honorary doctorate named after Nikolay G. Chernyshevsky the SSU honours the great contributions to physics made by Professor Schöll; especially his work in the area of non-linear dynamics as well as his active and creative work with scientists from SSU.

The welcome address by the Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Professor Valeri. M. Anikin, was followed by speeches from the head of the Department for Radiophysics and non-linear dynamics, Professor Vadim S. Anischenko and SSU’s Vice-Rector for Research, Professor Alexei A. Koronovski. The Academic Secretary of SSU, Professor Irina V. Fedusenko, then presented Professor Herr Schöll with the honoray gown. In his acceptance speech Professor Schöll surprised his audience by giving it in excellent Russian!

Faculty II congratulates Professor Schöll whole-heartedly to this honour!

Webpage of Prof. Schöll’s research group

Press release of Saratov State University (in Russian)


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