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Travel expense stipend

What is funded?

  • Travel costs of TUB professors and in exceptional cases of research assistants to international cooperative partners with the objective of developing/expanding cooperations are funded.
  • Expenses are covered for train travel (2nd class) and flights (economy class).

Who is eligible to apply?

TU Berlin professors are eligible to apply.

Application procedure

Please fill out the application form for funds, and sign and return via interoffice mail or email to International Projects (Contact: INT IP, email: ip(at)international.tu-berlin.de)

Please briefly answer the following questions in your application:

  • What specific measures will be conducted and to what aim?

  • How exactly do your academic chair and TU Berlin as a whole benefit from the stay?

You will be informed of our decision by email after we have reviewed your application. In case of approval, please send us your business trip request (Dienstreiseantrag) before you travel to the partner institution so that we can indicate that we will assume the costs. As we only assume the cost of transportation, you must also arrange with your faculty administration whether other costs (including a per diem) can be reimbursed from faculty funds. The business trip request should then be entered in the relevant account and approved.

Upon return, please send us the travel expense report including original receipts. After we have reviewed the report, we will forward it to the Travel Expense Office for reimbursement.

After the end of cooperative activities, please email us a brief report addressing the following points:

  • What measures were conducted and what were the aims?
  • Were the expected outcomes for your stay achieved? With what result?
  • How exactly do your academic chair and TU Berlin as a whole benefit from the stay?
  • How would you assess the quality of the partnership and future prospects?

As we unfortunately cannot assume your subsistence expenses, please contact your cooperative partner regarding this.

If you have any questions, our International Projects Team is happy to assist you at any time.

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