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YEBO! – Development of the Internationalization of PhD studies in South-Africa


YEBO! seeks to develop the internationalization of PhD studies in South Africa, focusing on the following aspects: 

  • improved access to information concerning internationalization through the creation of a PhD portal providing information on areas such as funding options, doctoral programs in other countries, possibilities for international mobility, administrative processes, training material for supervisors etc. (Target group: students, doctoral candidates, supervisors, academic staff and administrative staff);
  • increasing the number of students as well as academic and non-academic staff trained in the area of the internationalization of PhD studies and improving the quality of training through three sessions at South African universities;
  • advancing the internationalization of PhD studies in South Africa and the EU through 4 conferences dedicated to this subject, 2 in the EU and 2 in South Africa; participants are students and academic and non-academic staff from both regions;
  • developing the capacity of South African (and European) universities to evaluate their strategies for the internationalization of PhD studies, drawing on the methodology developed within the European University Association’s FRINDOC project.

On the basis of a first evaluation at the start of the project, the South African (and European) universities decide which indicators they wish to focus on and enhance during the course of YEBO!

The project is sponsored within the framework of the Erasmus + Key Action 2 Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education and participants include universities, research institutes and university associations from South Africa and the European Union. YEBO! is coordinated by the Université de Montpellier and runs from October 2017 until October 2020. For further information, please refer to the project site





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