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Memorial to Prof. Findenegg


The School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences mourns the passing of Professor Dr. Gerhard H. Findenegg who for many years was active in Physical Chemistry in the Institute of Chemistry at TU Berlin.

Gerhard Findenegg was born in 1938 in Austria. He studied Chemistry at the TU Wien and obtained his doctorate at the Universität Wien in 1965. As a postdoctoral researcher he worked with Professor D. H. Everett at the University of Bristol (UK). In 1973 he obtained his postdoctoral lecture qualification in 1973 at the Universität Wien. During this period Gerhard Findenegg devoted his scientific interests to wetting phenomena at graphite surfaces. In the year 1973 he accepted an offer by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum where he became a professor of Physical Chemistry and where he stayed until 1990. In 1991 he received an offer by TU Berlin. Since then his research interests were devoted very successfully to topics in the general areas of soft matter at interfaces and colloidal systems. For example, in 1998 he received the renowned Ostwald award of the Kolloidgesellschaft. In addition, in 2005 he was appointed as adjunct professor at the North Carolina State University (USA).

In his areas of research, he was involved in two large collaborative research projects in which he played leading roles. In the Collaborative Research Center 448 “Mesoskopisch strukturierte Verbundsysteme” he served as chairman during the period 1998-2004. In the US-German International Graduate Research Training Group 1524 “Self-assembled soft matter nanostructures at interfaces”, he became a project leader and a member of the steering committee.

Besides his very successful research activities, Gerhard Findenegg was a dedicated academic teacher. His book on Statistical Thermodynamics is widely used in Master-level courses as accompanying study material. His lectures will be remembered by former students because of their precision and clarity of presentation. In grasping complex aspects, he was always guided by physical intuition. Gerhard Findenegg will be remembered by his colleagues, coworkers and students as an exceptional scientist and academic teacher. Beyond this he was also deeply interested in other aspects of life. He looked at those with a great sense of humour and with profound humanity. In conversation, his comments were always coming from a deep insight into the topic and were articulated with cheerfulness. Those, who met Gerhard Findenegg in life share this experience. This is particularly true for his family to which he always devoted his sincere love and care.

Appointments of new Professors

We warmly welcome

Prof. Dr. André Eckardt
Since February 1, 2020 he represents the Chair "Theoretical Physics with Emphasis on Non-equilibrium Dynamics of correlated Quantum Matter" at the Institute of Theoretical Physics.

Prof. Dr. Björn Globisch
Since October 1, 2019 he represents the Chair "Terahertz-Sensors" at the Institute of Solid-State Physics and the Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI). Prof. Globisch is also a member of the Einstein Center for Digital Future (ECDF). You can find a short introduction of his work here.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pokutta
Since September 1, 2019 he represents the Chair "Mathematical Optimization" at the Institute of Mathematics.




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