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Two new Einstein Visiting Fellows at the Faculty


With its Einstein Visiting Fellows program, the Einstein Foundation Berlin supports the work and cooperation of internationally renowned researchers. As part of their research projects, the Fellows set up independent working groups and spend several weeks working on innovative research issues at the Faculty's two Cluster of Excellence.

Anne-Frances Miller, University of Kentucky (USA)
The Technical University of Berlin will benefit in future from the expertise of the outstanding chemist Anne-Frances Miller. In addition to the use of techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Miller is also introducing novel computer approaches that she uses to reveal enzymatic structures and functions. In view of the global scarcity of resources and increasing demand for sustainable strategies for energy and water supply, Miller's research aims to understand enzymatic mechanisms in order to implement them in industrial energy supply in the long term. As an Einstein Visiting Fellow, the scientist will in future be involved in the activities of the Einstein Center for Catalysis, which cooperates with the Cluster of Excellence "Unifying Systems in Catalysis" (UniSysCat) at the Technical University of Berlin and the Collaborative Research Center "Protonation Dynamics in Protein Function" at Freie Universität Berlin.

Robert Weismantel, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland)
Discrete mathematics and mathematical optimization are the research priorities of Robert Weismantel, Professor of Mathematics at ETH Zurich and Head of the Institute for Operations Research. Weismantel's research has gained international recognition and produced theories and novel algorithms. With his expertise, Weismantel will enrich the projects of Berlin mathematics in the future and conduct research at the "MATH+" Cluster of Excellence of the three major Berlin universities, which unites theoretical and applied mathematics. The aim of the research cooperation is to develop a theory for unresearched mixed-integer optimization problems in high dimensions.

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Appointments of new Professors

We warmly welcome

Prof. Dr. Janik Wolters

Professor Dr. Janik Wolters represents the Chair "Physical Foundations of IT Security" at the Institute of Optics and Atomic Physics and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Prof. Wolters is also a member of the Einstein Center for Digital Future (ECDF). You can find a short introduction of his work here.

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