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Research Fields

A decisive factor for successfully understanding the complex field of oxidation catalysis on a fundamental level is that we can cover as a collaborative team the whole spectrum of knowledge and experience needed in heterogeneous catalysis research.  

The research program is currently organized by the following general workflow. The research work will continuously run in the new joint lab BasCat at TU Berlin as well as in partner facilities, e. g. Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Fritz Haber Institute (AC-FHI).

  • Catalyst Synthesis
    Atomic Layer Deposition,
    Single Source Precursor Approach

  • Catalyst Characterization
    SEM, TEM, EDX, EXAFS, XRD, XRF, FTIR, UV-Vis, Raman, TG-MS, BET, Microcalorimetry

  • Catalyst and Parameter Field Testing
    Steady state investigations in parallel reactor units,
    transient experiments in single tube reactors

  • Transport Phenomena
    Profile Reactors, Deactivation, SSITKA

  • In Situ Analysis
    e. g. Infrared Spectroscopy (DRIFTS, transmission FTIR),
    Charge Carrier Analysis (MCPT),
    Synchrotron-based In Situ Spectroscopy (BESSY)

  • Model and Theory
    (Micro-) Kinetic Modeling,
    Statistical Analysis,
    Machine Learning Algorithms (SISSO, LASSO)

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