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Main Offices

Lupe [1]

BasCat Building

Main Catalysis Lab

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Reactor and Process Analysis

Large Profile Reactor

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Reactor and Process Analysis

Main Synthesis Lab

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Synthesis and Surface Modification of Catalysts

Visitor Entrance

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BasCat Building

Parallel Reactor for Selective Oxidation

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Reactor and Process Analysis

Atomic Layer Deposition Setup

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Synthesis and Surface Modification of Catalysts

Parallel Reactor for Syn Gas Conversion

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Reactor and Process Analysis

Reactor for Transient Experiments

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Reactor and Process Analysis

Parallel Reactor for High Temperature

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Reactor and Process Analysis

In 2011 the Cluster of Excellence “Unifying Concepts in Catalysis” (UniCat) and the chemical company BASF SE founded the new jointlab BasCat at the Technische Universität Berlin. BasCat is dedicated to fundamental research in the field of heterogeneous catalysis.

BasCat's Mission

Lupe [11]
  • Rational catalyst development concept
  • Knowledge-based prediction of catalyst performance through scaling from atomistic to industrial level
  • Transfer of fundamental research to industrial application
  • Multidisciplinary approach:
    physics, physical chemistry, inorganics, metalorganics, material science, engineering
  • Strong collaboration in long-standing partnerships
  • Working within a large network of academic and industrial researchers

Research Areas

  • Raw Material Change (2011-2021)

    • Selective oxidation of  alkanes to olefins and oxygenates
    • Dehydrogenation of alkanes to olefins
    • Conversion of synthesis gas to higher alcohols
    • Activation of methane (oxidative coupling, dry reforming)

  • Sustainabilty and Climate Change (since 2021)

    • Hydrogen applications (use and synthesis)
    • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
    • Circular economy and recycling

BasCat Facts

  • Founded November 2011 byUniCat and BASF SE
  • Third funding period starts 01.01.2022, ends 31.12.2026
  • Directors:
    Driess (TUB), F. Rosowski (BASF), R. Schlögl (AC-FHI)
  • Steering Commitee:
    C. Thomsen (TUB),
    D. Kratz (BASF), M. Wolf (FHI)
  • About 1000 m2 of lab and office space
  • 4 labs:
    Catalysis Lab, Reactor Analysis Lab, Synthesis Lab, and ALD Lab
  • 3 research groups:
    Catalysis and Reactor Analysis,
    Data Science and Modelling in Heterogeneous Catalysis,
    Synthesis and Surface Modification of Catalysts
  • More than 20 scientists:
    postdocs, 13 PhDs, MSc and BSc students and scientific assistants

UniCat BASF JointLab
Sekr. EW K-01
Hardenbergstraße 36
10623 Berlin
Tel: +49-30-31427332
Fax: +49-30-31427331
contact@bascat.tu-berlin.de [12]
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